Our school is located in 3 different buildings in Anagni and in the small village of Sgurgola. This means that in our school there are 3 different school contexts. The complexity of our reality is given by the diversity of the pupils who attend the 3 different schools. Our students are in general not very motivated but there are some differences among the pupils of the three different schools. One of the schools is located in central Anagni, there are pupils of migrant families and disadvantaged social and cultural environment. The second building is located in the suburbs of Anagni, near the industrial area. There is a large part of  pupils at risk of social exclusion. There are many disruptive children. they lack motivation in their studies and they face familiar and social problems. Some of them are at risk or early school leaving. The last school is located in Sgurgola, which is a small village near Anagni. Students are very motivated and see the school as an important and firm point in their lives. Students are not open to other realities and it is hard for them to understand the importance of getting in touch with people from other towns or cultures.

We think that the Comenius partnership will help our students and teachers to focus on different curricular activities, to find motivation and to see the importance of working with students from other countries for their future career and life. We strongly want to get approved and we also hosted the preparatory visit for this project from the 9th to the 13th of January 2012.

The 2-year-project will have a strong impact on most of our students because we are planning to involve a large number of pupils in the project activities through Skype conferences and school visits. In order to be able to attend all our commitments, we have also applied to host a Comenius Assistant from one of the countries taking part to the project. This will make the project more “real” for our pupils who will also see a new person at school working with them especially on the project activities.

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